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my daily commute in the car is about 2hrs+ round trip...give or take 30-40 minutes depending on conditions, but most of the time it's about an hour each way.  this may not seem like much to most in metro cities, but it sucks for me and i hate driving...but i chose to live where i do, away from it all, so that's my penalty.

but...radio also sucks where i live...filled with commercials that suck, dj's that suck, and music that is annoyingly repetitive.  so i bring my ipod on the trip...but then i have a mess of wires and things all over the place.  my charger is plugged in, the itrip is plugged in, the quality sucks when i pass towers, etc...blah, blah, blah.  i want my full library with me all the time, to listen to whatever i want when i want...but i also want it discreetly (www.ipodyourbmw.com).

so here's what i want for options:

(( + ) + + ( - - ) + ) = big winner

So translated: my option of satellite radio (but compatible for both) built into a receiver that allows me to play mp3s as well, added to that an adapter to that radio (like ipodyourbmw.com) so that i can seemless play my ipod tunes without having a charger or radio adapter, and all controlled from my steering wheel.

is that too much to ask? -- yeah, yeah....just go buy a bmw...it will get you everything except dual satellite...anyone got an M3 they want to sell ;-)

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I'll put grape kool-aid in the drinking fountains...”

that was my campaign platform when running for school government president at elementary school.

no matter what side of the political fence you live on, you have to look at these debates and candidates with a grain of salt.  would i have ever been able to put kool-aid in the drinking fountains...probably not.  as an individual it would have been very difficult, if not nearly impossible.  however, with a strong voice (in my case other 12-13 year olds) behind me, it might have been possible.  at that is the important point in my opinion...who can you stand behind to support their vision?

the debates last night were helpful to me to see both candidates in front of each other.  i love a good verbal lashing and thought there was plenty of that.  i hope that you are registered to vote and voice your opinion in november.  if you aren't, shame on you...seriously, shame on you.  there is no reason why every person shouldn't exercise your voice and not let a single person control what you want.

i encourage you to look within yourselves, your lives and for the good of the country...and decide who you believe will be the best leader behind other powers of our government.

i watched the debates with a slight chuckle...as each said “i promise...i will...i can...” -- all the time thinking to myself...mmm....grape kool-aid

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check out the granular backup for sharepoint...looks like a good little interface to some smigrate.exe activity that may help some.

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just saw this file posted on ms downloads:

wss intellisense update for vs.net ide:


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great article: Thanks, Linux