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just released article about asp.net process identity/thread “stuff”.


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i get a few emails about some asking what other web parts i may have...here's what i'm working on:

  • “document library explorer“ aka “doclib explorer“: this is going to be a windows explorer like view for all document libraries (security integrated) within a site.  at first pass it will support wss only and not sharepoint root sites (maybe).  some functionality will include showing the pending/rejected documents for those who have permissions, as well as showing which ones are checked out
  • “pop3 explorer“: this is a simple utility tool...not meant to be a pop3 client at all.  i've been working on this one for a while to throw some ideas around and decided the best core functionality will simply display the “inbox“ headers, not message retrieval...sharepoint and webparts (imo) aren't meant for client replacements.  so at a minimum, you can drop this on your site (or mysite) and set up your profile, and have a view of your pop3 mailbox inbox.

both of these should be done by year end, with pop3 explorer coming first (almost done with that one)

any ideas on other ones (generic of course for everyone to use) are appreciated...if you have a custom need, let'$ talk ;-)

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i've been working on minor enhancements/changes to feedreader and 2.1 is tentatively scheduled to include the following:

  • pre-authenticating user request to allow user authenticated proxy servers
  • moving the proxy server and cache settings to shared web part properties only
    • this is so that each user would not be required to change (or be able to) this information for more granular control over performance
  • changing the feed url listing in the toolpart to use newlines instead of separating each url by a “;“ character (note: some url's have a semicolon as a legitimate character)
  • adding the ability for the description to only display N number of lines
  • enabline expand/collapse ability on the feed item nodes, so that if description is displayed it will display collapsed and the user can view it but not consume massive amounts of real estate

so i am looking for other suggestions (if any).

one problem i have that is not going to make the upgrade fun for anyone is whether or not i should change the versioning.  technicall i should as it is a different version...however sharepoint doesn't make it easy to upgrade web part assemblies without using assembly redirection (which would require modification to the sharepoint web.config)...any ideas on the upgrade are appreciated...the goal being minimal (preferrably none) changes other than a new deployment.

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wondered where the “allow iis to manage password” feature went for anonymous access on windows 2003 server machines?

here's an article about iis authentication and sub-authentication that may be helpful.

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sorry for the crosspost if you read rob's blog, but this is a good one...worth repeating.

don't use stored procedures yet...?