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rss feedreader 2.0 (formerly rss feed web part 1.3) is now available.

functionality included:

  • installer for easier installation (must be a box admin and run on the machine)
    • installer installs to all portals
  • consume multiple rss feeds and display in web part
  • implement caching (by the hours) -- default is 2
  • filter by number of past days to view
  • preview headlines (if rss feed provided)

this is a free web part and may be used commercially, granted it remains untouched.

download it here

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good article about @@identity and sql server


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wow, that's a lot of dough...


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Don’t have a reality show at your house. A Malibu couple learned that the hard way after they rented out their $4.5 million Malibu house to Warner Bros. for $45,000 so that “The Bachelor” could be filmed there.

Kenneth and Marci Chyten returned to find their house in a “filthy, uninhabitable” condition, according to a $5 million lawsuit they have filed against Warner Bros., which is currently posted on TheSmokingGun.com. The Chytens are claiming there were holes in the walls, damage to irreplaceable limestone, a rodent and poisonous spider infestation, and the place littered with “cigarette butts, used matches, plastic bags, plastic bottles, junk food boxes, plastic wrappers, and personal hygiene items that were apparently used by female contestants.”