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some new server controls deployed with asp.net web matrix:


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version 2 web parts for use on windows sharepoint services production build (aka RTM) will be available on October 1.  at that time, all pre-RTM downloads will not be supported (unless a license has been purchased).

version 2 parts will include:

  • DocLib Utils 2.0
  • RSS FeedReader 2.0
  • POP Checker beta

specific requests for new web parts can be made directly to tim.

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"The sea was angry that day my friend...like an old man sending soup back at a deli."
-George Costanza

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“Impress your friends with the Corvette LT-1 running gear that will peel your ears off at 145 miles per hour. Assist your fellow motorists with your service-issue push bars and floodlight. Say goodbye to high maintenance bills thanks to inexpensive, readily available, quick-change parts.”

you too can live like a blues brother...find out how

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for some reason i find myself watching the recent webcast from sun with scott mcnealy as the keynote...he really shouldn't be speaking...or at least should spit out the marbles in his mouth, have a drink of water, and seem proud about his company...

i'm not saying bill gates is the tony robbins of software, but at least he is proud of his company, and hires good writers to make a geek doing comedy “less geeky” --

oh yeah, the java desktop system -- good luck with that effort...