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i just noticed the boys at interface (simon and spike — i’d link to spike, but he hasn’t told me his blog yet ;-)) completed their redesign of the interface site.

if you’ve ever met simon or heard his philisophical tirades on how you are evil if you ever implement a <td> element for positioning, you’ll notice the site is some serious css goo.  i bet if you took the stylesheet away it would be all sorts of white-as-milk love.

anyhow, mad props to simon and spike (and whomever else geeked out on it).  interface for me locally is a premier partner, always stepping up in ways you wouldn’t imagine…a leader in their space and a supporter of the community…

…and i like that when you click schedules it defaults to .net development ;-)

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following releasing code for feedreader, the source for doclibutils is now available as well.

this is far less mature and has a few known scripting issues, but now those can tinker away!

codeplex: DocLibUtils

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via :

there is a new white paper posted on msdn outlining .net fx 3.0 install/detection/etc.

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well, for those that have been emailing, i hope you stayed subscribed.  feedreader has finally found a home and the complete source code is available. 

as i’m sure most of you have reflected the code ;-) you’ll know it isn’t brain surgery, but that there are probably some things that could be cleaned up and we know there are areas that need to be fixed.

so visit the feedreader codeplex today and get the source released under the creative commons attribution-sharealike 2.5 license.

remember, the purpose of open source is to share :-D, so be sure to contribute back your fixes and log issues as well!

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i’ve updated the origami skin for subtext…although gotdotnet is having some problems and i can’t upload it just right now.

i’ve fixed a few things thanks to phil and matt pointing out some areas…namely

  • fixed css for safari, opera and ie6
  • removed the need for modifying the DTP.aspx body element
  • fixed the cookie preservation of the user personalization areas
  • fixed the css images references

there are still a few config things that you have to do for your config that will be outlined in the README file.

there are still some things i’m working on and one thing that i had (google ad support) was screwing up some of the css config…but i’ll let everyone else figure out their own config for stuff like that.