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Congratulations to all the new/returning MVPs from all competencies, but I wanted to call out the newly awarded Silverlight MVPs for this latest round.  Please join me in congratulating them:

And a specific call out also to Colin Blair (@SLColinBlair).  Colin’s work in the WCF RIA Services space gained him recognition from the connected systems division.  Since Colin is around our Silverlight circles as well, I wanted to give him a shout out!  He also had one of the best free upgraded suites at MIX10…which he aptly named the RIASuite – and an impromptu design review for WCF RIA Services took place one night with Brad Abrams, Nikhil Kothari and others.

Congratulations again to all these folks for your deserving work in your local and broad communities.  The Silverlight community expects high things of you!

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I normally hate short posts – but my friend John Papa put a poll up that I wanted to make sure gets some attention…please provide your opinion on this poll:

What kinds of samples would you most like to see in a community Silverlight code sharing site?

Help John out shape something useful!

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Did you know that the Silverlight community site has over 150 Silverlight 2 Beta 2 samples submitted by the community?!  These range from short samples of specific functionality to full-fledged applications that people can use.  I recently spoke of 2 of the multi-file uploader controls that were features in the gallery.  There is a lot of good information being shared by our community.


Today I sent around a note to those who I could identify who had submissions in the gallery with some information pointing them to Silverlight RC0 information and how they can/should prepare their samples to be ready for Silverlight release.  We want to continue to feature your great samples, but need you to have them ready/runnable for Silverlight release.

If you have a sample in the gallery, please make sure that you visit the RC0 information, download the tools, and prepare your application/samples.  Once Silverlight 2 is released, please re-submit them to the gallery so that we can categorize them accordingly.  Older Beta 2 samples will be purged as they will not run once Silverlight 2 releases and we don’t want to aggravate new visitors to the gallery by having stuff that doesn’t work :-).

Here’s what you need to do:

Thanks again for contributing to the community.  If you know of others that have samples, please be sure to pass this information along.  Thanks for helping to spread the word!

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I've been with Microsoft now for over 3 years and have loved every minute of my time here.  For the time leading up to being hired at Microsoft, it was a professional goal of mine to work for the company.  Fanboy?  Sure, call me whatever you want.  I prefer to just call it passion.  I joined as a developer evangelist for my community (an area we call desert mountain which spans Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana).  This was an easy thing to say yes to because everything I learned I learned from being a part of a community, whether that be online or offline.  I've met a lot of great people along the way and made new really good friends.  I hope that on some level I've been able to help the communities in my area progress a little better or learn something along the way.  I know that there are some that still need some more help and I know that over time we will get there.

As of April 1, I'll be starting a new role on the Silverlight team, focusing on you...the developer and designer.  'Evangelism' is a funny word when used in the context of Microsoft.  You would think (and in some cultures it doesn't translate well) that I'm a missionary of sorts.  Well, whatever you want to call it I like to think I'm not moving to far away on the evang-o-meter.  I'm just getting narrow focus and broader goals.  My focus will be on Silverlight.  My community: you.

I'm working in ScottGu's organization and will be joining forces with Jesse Liberty to help serve the developers of the world for Silverlight.  I'll be much more visible on the Silverlight community site (I started out spending a lot of time there but for workload reasons couldn't sustain).  I'll be helping out with the 'How Do I?' series of videos for Silverlight.  And, if I'm lucky, I'll be able to show up at events across the globe (I hear there's one in Belgium coming up...hmmm, I've never been to Belgium) talking about Silverlight and sharing my passion.

I'm real excited about this opportunity and working with all you talented developers and designers.  All my contact information stays the same and the virtual door is always open...keep the feedback and suggestions coming!

(And no, this isn't an April fools joke...unless my new manager Simon is an evil, evil person.)

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as some of you know i've been silent for a lot of december due to a series of unfortunate incidents.  the worst of which was a phone call that my wife was being air-evac'd from our neighborhood.  yeah, not a good call.  she was hit by a car while cycling.  she is getting better now after a surgery and physical therapy.  not back 100%, not even 70% but getting better daily.  in the midst of all of this, i've been battling kidney stones.  anyone who has had these knows that pain killers are your best friend right now.  i've had 3 over the month of december and have 1 more still in the track...and it sucks going day-to-day not knowing if it will be a painful day...so if you see me bust out the ziplock with two pills in it...you know it's a bad day :-).

anyhow, i came home today from going into the office and my wife asked me what the 'nm .net user group' was.  i gave her that 'why are you snooping on me and how did you figure out my email password' look.  then she handed me this card:


wow.  way cool.  the folks of the new mexico .net user group community sent my wife and me a card.  some well wishes to my family to get better.  i thought that was a very thoughtful gesture on behalf of them and from my family a very sincere and humble 'thank you' goes out to you all.  we've been blessed with a lot fo local and distant friends and maybe i'll get around to posting some thoughts on being humble and accepting help...but i'll have to think of a geek twist on it ;-)

i've really enjoyed seeing the growth of the new mexico .net community over the past 2 years thanks in part to a lot of people.  i think they are even experiencing growing pains right now, which can be frustrating but is always a sign of success i believe.

so thanks again to the new mexico .net user group -- if you are a developer in new mexico, you need to be a part of this community.  it is growing and they are doing exciting things.  there are passionate people involved helping drive direction to serve the community...so get out there and be a part of it!