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as some of you know i've been silent for a lot of december due to a series of unfortunate incidents.  the worst of which was a phone call that my wife was being air-evac'd from our neighborhood.  yeah, not a good call.  she was hit by a car while cycling.  she is getting better now after a surgery and physical therapy.  not back 100%, not even 70% but getting better daily.  in the midst of all of this, i've been battling kidney stones.  anyone who has had these knows that pain killers are your best friend right now.  i've had 3 over the month of december and have 1 more still in the track...and it sucks going day-to-day not knowing if it will be a painful day...so if you see me bust out the ziplock with two pills in it...you know it's a bad day :-).

anyhow, i came home today from going into the office and my wife asked me what the 'nm .net user group' was.  i gave her that 'why are you snooping on me and how did you figure out my email password' look.  then she handed me this card:


wow.  way cool.  the folks of the new mexico .net user group community sent my wife and me a card.  some well wishes to my family to get better.  i thought that was a very thoughtful gesture on behalf of them and from my family a very sincere and humble 'thank you' goes out to you all.  we've been blessed with a lot fo local and distant friends and maybe i'll get around to posting some thoughts on being humble and accepting help...but i'll have to think of a geek twist on it ;-)

i've really enjoyed seeing the growth of the new mexico .net community over the past 2 years thanks in part to a lot of people.  i think they are even experiencing growing pains right now, which can be frustrating but is always a sign of success i believe.

so thanks again to the new mexico .net user group -- if you are a developer in new mexico, you need to be a part of this community.  it is growing and they are doing exciting things.  there are passionate people involved helping drive direction to serve the community...so get out there and be a part of it!

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