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i just got a ‘a new version is available’ when i logged into my msn windows live messenger.

so being the beta monkey i am, i installed it and was immediately reminded of my pet peeves of installers:

  • PROVIDE AN UNINSTALL LINK (not the case here, but always like to make that point — and no, the add/remove program doesn’t count — it’s not mother-in-law proof)
  • don’t install a shortcut to
    • my main start menu (program group okay)
    • my quickstart toolbar
    • my desktop
    • THESE ARE ALL MY SPACES — leave them alone — i’ll organize what i think is important, don’t tell me what/where you think things are important
  • PRESERVE MY SETTINGS – installing messenger live didn’t preserve my settings/preferences — it popped up the login screen upon restart (which i turned off) and when i logged in it shows some friggin today screen (which i turned off)

for crying out loud people — listen to the user — if i already had it installed, install it the same way.  if i didn’t, let ME choose how to install (and not through a custom option — give me all the options up front).


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