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just a reminder to those creating standard images, that with the release of windows xp sp2 (due to release on automatic updates on monday/tuesday, but available for download now via msdn), use the “slipstream” model to embed sp2 into your new boot cd images...easy steps:

tools needed:

  • IsoBuster
  • Nero (or some other tool capable of creating bootable cds)


  1. use IsoBuster to extract the boot image from your Windows XP cd-rom (or iso image)
  2. copy Windows XP files into a folder on your hard drive (i.e., c:\winxp)
  3. run this command from your sp2 setup location: xpsp2.exe /S:C:\winxp
  4. the setup will install in “updating windows share mode“
  5. use Nero or some other tool to create a bootable cd-rom using the image from step 1.
  6. label the volume the same label as your original media
  7. copy the files from your c:\winxp location to your cd-rom project and burn
  8. NOTE: you'll know if the slipstream was successful if in the winxp directory where you have your original media files there is a file named Win51IP.SP2 in there.

now you have a bootable setup cd with sp2 already embedded in the setup!

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