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my day at no fluff just stuff continued with some ajax sessions.

i say in on justin gehtland's talk on javascript programming.  justin is from relevance, the same guys bringing streamlined out to the market this past week (and as he tells me a new build on monday).

justin said his favorite languages in order are: javascript, ruby, java, c#, and everything else.  yeah! c# made the list ;-).  he's a brave man with his first two being duck-type languages.  it was a good overall discussion on javascript, but nothing i didn't already know -- i think a lot of others got value out of it though as there was good interaction.

i'm sitting in on david geary's talk on ajaxian faces -- implementing ajax on the jsf platform.  it's funny to me knowing that asp.net has had these so beloved features of jsf in the framework for about 6 years now.  the talk really isn't that much on jsf, but more on using the prototype library as the framework for ajax requests and how to leverage with a rendered java server faces component.

i attended one other session for the day and had to call it quits for the afternoon, unfortunately not able to attend the birds of a feather sessions that evening.

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