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bravo i say!

in a recent decision, cingular has decided to tack on another $5/month to subscribers using older technology handsets on their network. some may think this is rash, and i'm sure people like my dad (who only turns on his cell phone to make calls, yet still gives out his number) will be upset. to cingular, it appears that's going to be okay. in business to succeed and provide best value to the mass of customers tough decisions have to be made. believe me, i learned this the hard way with my home builder. the cingular people have a right to be upset and should complain...but hopefully cingular will do the right thing -- offer them steeply reduced handset costs (dare i say even free cheap ones?) to replace the old ones. in the world of advancing technology, i think this is a good move technology-wise -- advancing their platform and broadening their scope of services to the masses...we'll see what kind of fallout will happen

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