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i just got a note from jamesb who is an AZGroups.com frequenter.  he reports that he got vista running on a vpc.  while some may have already done this, others have struggled still.  james pointed to a resource that helped him get it running using microsoft virtual pc (now free).

he used: vista on virtual pc

he noted to me that it is running on 812MB RAM and took >8GB of the drive -- oh yeah, and took about 14 hours to install...yikes.

just a reminder that vista on vpc isn't a good experience at all and you aren't getting the full avalon...er, um...WPF experience.  it may be good for minor testing, but don't judge your opinion of features/perf on that environment.

on a side note, the virtual cd-rom control panel that microsoft had been distributing (the tool that loads a driver letting you mount ISO images as drives) does *not* work on vista in my experiences.  argh.  the good news is that there is another free tool from slysoft called that is free and works on vista...it works a little differently in that you have to determine how many virtual drives you want upfront (versus just adding/deleteing easily in vcdrom), but it is just a few extra clicks -- nothing you'd likely be doing a lot.

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