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well, i've been telling my friends and family (secretly replacing their search defaults :-)) that live.com is the bomb and it has been producing more relevant searches for me for the past few months since i told myself i'd start using it.  that's a claim i stand by -- so flame away.

until today.  i was responding to a blog post where someone referred to "Fuslogvwr" and i had no idea what that was.  so i searched on live...no results.  put quotes around it, no results.  and not "no results" in the sense of no relevant results, there were literally none returned.

argh, i used google.  53 results, an a suggestion for 'fuslogvw' (which was the actual exe name).  what a difference.  i went back to live and entered fuslogvw and sure enough, relevant results.

and yes, i did report the feedback ;-)

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