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i'm about to generalize here, so forgive me :-).

i'm married.  my wife doesn't watch that much tv.  but she does watch the homewreckeroprah winfrey show.  as a result of that sometimes i get stuck watching them in the bedroom while she's watching etc.

recently oprah has been on this roadtrip across the country where...hold your breath...she actually drives.  this is actually quite a misnomer, because behind the car she's driving is a team of producers, personal trainer, make-up stylists, etc.  yeah, she's not roadtripping anything.

it is filmed in a bit of reality mode (cameras/microphones in the car) and really shows some candid comments (which i'm shocked she didn't edit out).  one such comment was their hotel situation.  she showed up at a hotel and had nothing but bad things to say about it.  now i've stayed at many a hotel/motel and i know some are better than others, but i've never come across any that were so horrible that i wouldn't have said anything.  instead oprah just belittled the place (note to oprah: if you don't like it, you should speak up before you consume the offering).  their next stop they spotted a hyatt and raved about this being a "real" hotel and that's how road trips across america happen.  no, they don't oprah.  maybe when i take a vacation with my wife yeah.  but add two screaming children, hours of "are we there yet" and food crap all over the car -- yeah, motel 6 will do as long as it doesn't smell like smoke.

earlier apparently there was an episode of how oprah had no clue what albertson's was.  helloooo, it's the largest grocery chain in the country?  then she stopped and purchased a pillow for the trip (understandably)...and then requested her friend to help her shop for sets of sheets.  wtf?  seriously.  are the hotel laundry services too good for you?  then there was a garage sale episode where she was so shocked that the family didn't say anything about the cameras and didn't ask who she was, etc.  maybe because they could give a rat's arse?

man, she's full of herself.  her true side is coming out though.  she's a gagoogillionaire who hasn't a clue to reality anymore.  she's not on the same plane with "us" and should stop acting like she is or trying to do this "get back to the people" campaigns.

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