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well, back in august i knew things weren't going to be smooth with the cox buyout of cableamerica (my local provider).  i already cancelled my internet service because, well frankly, cox internet sucks (at least in my area).  qwest dsl has proved to be a better choice so far (crossing my fingers for verizon fios).

well 5 days ago i got a note in the mail about having to turn in my dvr/cable box.  it was not something i was looking forward to, but i planned for it -- they let me know that on oct 18 the box would be rendered useless.

i unplugged it and took it down -- little did i know it was a sales process...'do you have internet?' -- yada yada -- give me my new box.  i got it and went home.  the user interface sucks.  it's like the cableamerica ui on the motorola was a slick wicked xbox/wpf/mediacenter looking thing...cox ui? atari.  the process of creating a series recording sucks arse.

anyhow, i used it.  until today.  october 18.  channels abruptly changed.  on the cox box, fine.  on my tivo units, not so fine.  no problem, rerun the setup...it found cox as a new provider...but then started asking me about the channel lineup -- and it didn't match.  now i have a dvr service (in 2 rooms) that is useless if the channel lineup doesn't match.

contact cox: not our problem (their probably right); contact tivo: 3-5 days for an answer.


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