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so i saw that firefox released v2.  i always have firefox on my machine as i think it is good to check pages i'm working on in multiple browsers (or at least multiple browsers that make up the market share).  i think it wouldn't surprise anyone that i use ie7 primarily (not because i bleed microsoft blue -- i do though -- but i think it is a great browserserves my needs completely), but i had to use firefox when ie7 was released because my online bank put up the big 'you aren't using a supported browser' wallpaper when i tried to use online banking.

anyhow, so i had ie7 (default) and firefox 1.5 installed on my box.  i downloaded and installed firefox 2.  after installing, i launched it and noticed that it had taken over as the default browser.  nope, i didn't get the popup asking me if i wanted it to (both browsers have that popup if they aren't), just made itself default.  not sure if it was a weird config with v1.5 on their first, but i thought it was sneaky.

and while we're at it -- my online bank doesn't (and didn't during beta/RC) have the big wallpaper that firefox wasn't supported even though IT was in beta...how do you respond Wells Fargo???

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