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so i've decided that i'm likely not going to see any sessions at devconnections.  i'm doing some major booth duty :-) -- but that's okay, the conferences are for the attendees to hammer on the microsoft guys anyway...i enjoy listening to the questions.

today we have (who at least i know from the show who's line is it anyway? running around the conference and harrassing people.  okay, he's not doing much of that, but this guy is funny.  we had a chance to talk with him as well...he was pretty funny and asked us some great questions about microsoft...although he was fascinated by our "evangelist" title more than anything:


(that's me, steve loethen, greg proops, and woody pewitt)

after that we had a great time hanging out at the exhibit hall opening and then hosted MSUnplugged in the evening:

Video: MSUnplugged

it was basically a 'grok talk' night where we had each person doing 10-minute demos.  we gave away some xbox 360's, readyboost flash drives, lifecams, blimps, and oh yeah...some .  i had a great time and hopefully the attendees did as well.

we'll be here the rest of the week, so stop by and say hello!

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