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today, microsoft announced the first preview of the windows presentation foundation (formerly codename "avalon") everywhere framework (aka wpf/e).  so what is it?

essentially is a strategy of bringing that rich windows presentation foundation (wpf) experience to the web.  oh yeah, but only internet explorer right? wrong.  ie, firefox, safari, opera.  bring it. 

the december ctp of wpf/e includes support for windows media technologies, 2d animation, vector graphics, etc.  it is an interesting technology -- check it out.

okay, so the other cheesy part of my post title was alluding to the other part of the announcement today...the expression studio toolset.

today microsoft announced:

  • Expression Web - a tool for standards-based web development...this is RELEASED and available now.
  • Expression Blend (beta) - this is formerly "Expression Interactive Designer" and is designed to produce rich, interactive (hows that for buzzwords) applications -- the beauty of this tool is the XAML produced that can be used in other tools, including visual studio.
  • Expression Design (ctp) - this is the former "Acrylic" product.  both Blend and Design have been overhauled to implement new microsoft technologies in their use, but also have been re-designed -- they hardly look like microsoft applications, you may have to look twice.
  • WPF/E MSDN Developer Center

i'm not a hard-core designer and so some of the features are a different paradigm for me, but i'm learning.  the important thing is the fidelity of the XAML between the tools -- there's the power -- being able to have complete fidelity BOTH WAYS from the designer to the developer.  I highly recommend checking these technologies out!  check out the as well as a new site on design: www.microsoft.com/design. (note: these sites may still be replicating throughout the crazy super highway, so check back often.)

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