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since the ctp of wpf/e became available, there have been some interesting discussions and demos happening in the world.  again, if you haven't seen check it out...one of the latest samples () shows what appears to be a single animation, but is actually half WPF/e and Flash.  it is so visually clean, it is hard to tell the difference -- i had to put a mouse over each half to even notice a difference.  very interesting.

two other questions have popped up to me.  first, the installation.  yeah, you have to go to a site and download an exe/msi (for windows) and a dmg (for mac).  kinda sucks i agree.  i can tell you that microsoft is working to create the ideal installation experience for the final release of WPF/e.  this first ctp is focused on features of the framework, not the deployment model...so stay tuned.

the second question is about firefox 2 support...or lack thereof.  this is for both mac only really.  here's the skinny -- the team just didn't have time to officially put firefox 2 on the testing platform in order to get the ctp out.  but have no fear...here's how to self-host.  in aghost.js, about line 87, you'll see:

if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Firefox/") != -1 || navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Safari") != -1){   

there you have it...change that line to ensure firefox 2 can be met -- you should be able to just remove the version number check and it should work.

hope this helps some testing.

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