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at the phoenix barcamp i had an opportunity to look at the new nintendo wii console.  the facility has just about every console (except an xbox 360...hmmm).  some of the guys from had one in their office and were raving about it so they showed me the ropes.

i have to say, i was quite impressed.  the graphics looked...hmmm...like nintendo if that makes sense...i still felt i was in super mario land versus some street in project gotham...but i guess it is a different target audience.

playing around with the remote was different...it's a mouse essentially communicating with an infrared bar you put somewhere near your television.  then it sense motion for certain games (we were playing the wii sports: tennis, boxing, golf) and makes the players do whatever.  it worked remarkably well and in the boxing game could give you a bit of a workout even.

the integrum guys commented about making sure we attached the remote to our wrists using the safety tether.  and apparently looking at this site: http://www.wiihaveaproblem.com/show_cat.php?cat=2 that needs to be stressed :-)

it's no xbox 360 in terms of graphics quality or depth of games i don't think, but it is a different audience.

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