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ever been searching for the ultimate bluetooth headset so you can look like the other cyborgs walking around with something in their ear?  me too.  i never was happy with any of the headsets i used and mainly needed it for the car, so i settled on a motorola re-chargeable speakerphone for my car.  it works fine, but i still feel like i'm yelling when i talk and i'm sure the ambient noise is being picked up.

my hommie jason led me on to the which he saw in a cingular store. 


if you take a look at their site, they make some pretty bold claims.  i would suggest first viewing the demo link, then looking at the versus link.  it certainly paints an amazing picture.  the straight dope from jmauer was:

Just yesterday my wife asked me where I was during a call… I had called her while on the road in the car, she couldn’t even tell. It is nothing short of awesome. Unlike other devices that do “noise cancelling” through passive means, the Jawbone applies some active cancellation brainy stuff that really works. I’m actually looking forward to conference calls now, believe it or not.  (quote used without permission)

it's not a cheap unit, but then again the ones people are using aren't cheap either.  this looks like a good alternative.  and by the way people are paying more than suggested retail on ebay for them, it sounds like the claims might be hitting a few nerves with people.  i think i might take a look at one...and no they are not offering me one -- i'm just simply pointing out what looks like a cool device.

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