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this weekend lisa and i went skiing with some friends at in the arizona white mountains.  this was the second ski trip i've taken and needless to say, i'm a big time beginner...spending most of my time on the bunny hill or the easiest green run!  i brought my zune with me for the trip, thinking i'd play it while skiing and have some rockin' tunes to listen to as i go down the slopes.

well, i found a few problems in that concept (not zune specific).  i wired it up my shirt so that it wasn't in my way and that was ideal.  the problems, however, were not so easy -- when with a group, everyone tends to talk to each other, even on the lifts, etc.  having music in general made me 'that guy' who was always saying "what?"  i just wasn't a part of the conversation when i had it on.  i resorted to a one-ear experience so i could hear my surroundings...then the music sucked a bit.  the biggest problem was gloves.  i couldn't take them out of my ears, i wasn't able to easily change songs or put it on pause or change the volume.  gloves suck.

anyhow, while i had my zune, my wife had her iPod shuffle, which was a gift from some friends of ours.  man, that is a killer device for these scenarios (the ones where you just want music to be playing).  it was light, she could clip it anywhere, etc.  here's how she had it:


the buttons were okay enough that she could press them through her jacked most of the time...but it still wasn't easy.

so for this test: zune: 0, ipod shuffle: 1.  but that's what i expected to be honest...there's no way the current zune form factor is conducive to recreational activity.

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