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if you read this blog (and the boring non-technical stuff) you'll remember that where i live they had been filming a movie called 'the kingdom' with jaime foxx and jennifer garner (among others).  well, the trailer is now available.  i'm seriously amazed at how real the movie looks given that i saw the set and how it was constructed -- filmmakers and set producers and cinematographers are amazing.

anyway, here's some pics...

this one is jaimee foxx on the Red Mountain 202 freeway in north mesa:

this one is actually on the set that was by my house:

you can watch the trailer here.  the opening part in the trailer is the set that was build -- it's all a facade.  the airport scene?  that's .  the scene right after that showing the building exploded -- same set after they tore it up; freeway scenes with car explosions?  loop 202 in arizona.

pretty exciting to see it in action now, can't wait for the movie.

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