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i was in my local mac store (or is it apple store, i keep forgetting what the appropriate term is, i guess it is apple)...i was in my local apple store today and saw something funny.

first, i wasn't buying a mac, not that there is anything wrong with that.  i was getting a slim case for my laptop for short trips (my bag has become cumbersome).  i like that the apple store stocks a lot of options, something other stores don't.

anywhoo...upon checkout i noticed the current t-shirt for the store employees...i like how their ad campaigns blend into the store...very smart.  the shirt was black with a picture of an imac on the center (not very large).  underneath was simple type: "Go beyond Vista" is all it read.  (note: there was no marking about who the trademark of "Vista" belongs to -- maybe there's a lawsuit in there or something ;-) -- hey they've been using it a lot -- if microsoft used 'mac' i'm sure they'd get slammed for not disclosing the trademark owner).

the register clerk quickly noted my shirt as i was wearing a microsoft office 2007 branded dress shirt.  he smiled.  it went something like this:

clerk: do you work for microsoft?
me: yep.
clerk: aren't you not allowed in here?
me: (chuckle), actually i have a mac at home...
clerk (puzzled): do they know that?
me: i'm not sure who they are, but i'm not ashamed of it...it manages my movies and pictures well.  i like your shirt
clerk: i bet you do, do you want one?
me (excited): yeah!  can i really have one?
clerk: no, i just wanted to see if you wanted one.
me (under breath): arse-hole

it seems that apple is all over the place with this anti-vista campaign.  i think it is actually drawing more attention to vista.  they even started spamming people (and not getting favorable in their eyes) with the campaign.  i mean if OSX is so great, why not concentrate on those features rather than keep bringing up the fact that microsoft has a new operating system.  and prove the punchline...what is going beyond vista?  i mean some people seem to like the see through toolbar effect and are starting to port to OSX.

i, too, am amused with the apple ads and think they have a great advertising agency.  i wish microsoft would hire them.  but their ads have simply resorted to a virtual name calling.  if it is so bad, show why...at least point me to some comparison, maybe: www.apple.com/getthefacts? :-)  regardless, they are funny.

i guess apple must feel threatened if their are so aggressive about the anti-vista campaign...

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