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wow?!  the navigation item that made them famous for the navigation is not visible in their latest incarnation.  now granted it wasn't in the perl as well, but that was a smaller form-factor i just assumed it was because they went "phone-first" in that model.

of msnbc reviews the latest blackberry 8800 and informs us of the change:

For all you “CrackBerry” addicts I must warn you at the outset that the 8800 is different from any other . It’s the first one without a thumbwheel. The experts at RIM, seeing the success of the Pearl and its little trackball, decided that their new model didn’t need an ancient-style navigation device.

personally i think it is going to be a bad move for blackberry.  i remember sitting in a room full of microsoft skeptics one time talking about windows mobile and one of the complaints was that the devices lacked easy one-handed navigation...and they pointed to the thumbwheel.  the blackjack has it and i like it.  it does make one-handed operation easier to use quickly.

hmm...i'm just a little curious what the feedback will be.

ps -- any irony in the default home wallpaper they are using on the blackberry 8800?

Blackberry 8800

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