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i've got a few questions a while back on what i use for screenshots for my blog as well as for other areas (documentation, etc.).  i know there are a lot of popular programs out there, namely snagit, but i settled on a recommendation from scott hanselman and have been using .

sure in vista, there is a snipping tool, but i've not found it to be as efficient as winsnap which is smaller than paint.exe in size!

i recently started using the latest version of winsnap and figured i could integrate my other photo tool of choice () into the mix.  for me, the screenshot thing has always been a multi-step process: take the screenshot, save image, upload to .  well it dawned on me that i could use the same command-line interface that i use with and integrate that into winsnap...and boom, two clicks to heaven.

here's what i did...first use winsnap -- it is awesome.  it's light and fast.  it has subtle, yet effective post-shot image manipulation that you can use.  i keep it in my system tray and run on startup.  i also make the default screenshot be a "region" so i can precisely capture what i want.  the latest version also does vista aero glass well.

first for you need to install and ensure you authorize the application (read: run it once and upload a picture to your account).  in winsnap go to the tools...customize option.  basically create a command like this:


then basically when you take a snapshot, you can change the settings then hit (in my case) ALT+3 and my window comes up and sends directly to .  sweet.

if you do a lot of screen captures either for your blog, bugs, or documentation, check out for sure...it's great.

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