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i was just sitting on a plane with simon back from redmond where i was doing some mobility developer "stuff" and simon was at some top secret, could-tell-you-but-i'd-have-to-kill-you type things.  we were chatting about, well, you know geek stuff.  i was droning on about some vista stuff and he was talking about the smart stuff he works on.

it reminded me about their (them being interface, who simon is one of the 'fellows' -- well if he isn't they should institute some plan) ajax training.  he put together some great content on asp.net ajax in a self-paced DVD format and even had it updated for the v1 RTW version.  so it is a complete training offering on DVD for $99 (well $102 including shipping).  take a look if you are in the market for the training...it's nominal cost for some good, self-paced learnings on asp.net ajax and some of the controls.

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