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thanks to all who attended my on creating mash-ups with php on windows and using microsoft web api's.  whew, that was a mouthful.  anyway, i said i'd post the sample code i used, so here it is (at the end of this post).  in the zip file there is an index.php file describing the APIs used.  I stripped out my personal application id's from some of the services, so you'll have to obtain your own.

there are plenty of other sessions going on the site so i'd encourage you to take a look at them and register.  also, the previous sessions are available on-demand for your viewing as well.  whenever you complete one, please be sure to complete the evaluation for a chance to win some more swag and give the organizers valuable feedback.

to recap, here are some of the things we used/demonstrated:

  • flickr
  • virtual earth
  • live.com search
  • microsoft ajax on php

there is, of course, more things you can do than mapping, etc. but with limited time i wanted to show some of the more simple ones.  be sure to check out for more APIs you can use (for example, the Amazon services are a cool one).

also, the tool i was using to write PHP within visual studio was from .  it's a great little add-in.

at we'll be showing some other mashup technologies (http://www.visitmix.com/about/) from microsoft, so if you aren't registered, consider going to ...it will be a great time and conference...and each attendee will get windows vista ultimate as well!

File: PHP Mash-up Samples

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