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i did a quick refresh on my windows vista sidebar gadget templates for visual studio.  it is a simple refresh that accomplishes the following:

  • puts both the VB and C# web project templates in the same visual studio content installer
  • moves the structure around to demonstrate how to use locale folders within gadgets (see image below)

i get questions on the first one (VB/C# templates) a lot.  really there is no difference between the templates, the only reason i created two is so that when you choose "new web site" it will show up under both language options.  that's it.  gadget development itself is mostly html/javascript (unless you are using something like script#), so the templates are there for convenience only.

new structure:


i've refreshed the old download links, but here is the link to the updated single VSI file as well:

file: VistaSidebarGadget.vsi

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