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well, i've been a huge fan of the budweiser "real men of genius" (renamed from 'real american heroes' after the world trade center attacks) commercials.  my personal favorite is the "mr giant taco salad inventor" ('a 12,000 calorie salad...brilliant').  it gets me cracking up every time.  sadly i have them all on my zune playlist as well.

anywhoo... the guys at stupidcubicle.com put up a site for "real technology heroes" and i'm cracking up a bit as well (of course, major geek humor here...your wife will be gazing at you like you are an idiot -- much like mine is right now).

my favorites are the top ones right now "Mr. you can build your own version of asp.net better than Microsoft" guy and "Mr. select * from tablename example" guy.

nice. visit them at

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