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after recently finding out about sites, i wanted to cut my teeth a bit more and learn some css by just reading them...so i figure i would adapt a few designs for (my blog engine).  i've created three subtext skins based on designs...you can see the screenshots of them at this flickr photostream.

i adapted three designs: minty, greenway, and metic.  the only requirement to using them is that the footer credits stay in place.  these designs use the creative commons attribution licenses, so please give the original authors credit and honor that license.  i've zipped them up individually and you can get the files below on this post. UPDATE: also available at www.subtextskins.com as of now.

each skin has a "Styles" folder with the name of a stylesheet matching the skin name...i.e., "minty-main.css" so to add then to your subtext admin/skins.config file you'll want to add (using greenway as a sample here):

<SkinTemplate Name="Greenway" TemplateFolder="greenway">
    <Style href="Styles/greenway-main.css"/>

for each skin you want to add -- just ensure the folder does exist in the skins directory.  hope you like -- they are very basic...maybe phil will include them in the next drop.

File: Greenway
File: Metic
File: Minty

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