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when i travel and need a rental car, i use ...not by choice really, but it's a company standard i guess.  to me, to be honest, a car is a car...service is where it is at.  i'm a member of the preferred program (which anyone can be, you don't have to 'earn' it) which entitles me to essentially skip the main counters when i rent (although the preferred counter is quickly becomming the 'main' one it seems).  i've also recently received 'select preferred' probably because i've rented enough.  i'm not sure what the difference is other than the fact that they assume i want the largest, most fuel inefficient vehicle available.  my last 3 rentals were: f150 truck, crown victoria, grand marquis, sonata.  the last one is only because i said i didn't want to drive an f150 again!

anyhow, the service has been great and recently i've noticed some added bonuses.  i've never gotten email receipts before but just started to...and they are realtime.  my last trip i returned my car in denver airport.  the gentleman asked me how the car was, blah blah, etc.  as my receipt is printing in his mobile device/printer (literally), my phone buzzes that i have a new email...what was it?  an email receipt of this rental.  wow, now that is realtime baby.  way to go avis.  big bonus points for me as a geek and a traveler.

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