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i know some people are super excited about powershell...to be frank, i simply haven't looked at enough to make any judgement.  i've sat through a few very high level overview sessions but not enough to get dirty with it.  well, while waiting to present a session with kirk at CA World this past weekend in vegas, i sat in on david's session about powershell.

immediately upon sitting down i couldn't startup notepad fast enough to start taking notes. even some of the simple things were very cool to see...here's some of the things i learned in the first 5 minutes...

want to do a recursive directory listing grouping by file extensions?

dir -Recurse | group extension

how about searching a directory for only c# files?

dir -Include *.cs -Recurse

okay, what about counting the lines of code within those files?

(dir -Include *.cs -Recurse | select-string .).Count

pretty cool i thought!  then i learned about aliasing features within the shell.  now you can create your own "vi" shortcut:

New-Alias vi notepad2.exe

nice, now typing "vi" will give me my favorite text editor :-)

powershell even supports object creation and manipulation...something as simple as:

$speak = new-object -com "SAPI.SPVOICE"
$speak.Speak("Hello world")

using this object creation you can easily script a lot of things relating to your web development setup, including the creation of sites, config files (manipulating config files), etc.

i learned a lot in those 5 minutes...amazing what you can learn when you get the time to sit down and listen!  enjoy powershell!

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