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one of the things that i think we all hate with pc's purchased oem (original equipment manufacturer - dell, hp, etc.) is that they come pre-installed with about 8,038 programs that a) you didn't ask for and b) likely don't need.  in recent conversation sharing with some friends who also regularly play , i heard a story of a brand new vista machine (which has really good built-in firewall/spyware protection) that also came with mcafee protection suite.  essentially, every internet request was going through two layers of firewall...yikes.  every computer i've purchase has had step 1 being "fdisk" or some other assembly code wiping out the blocks!  most of the time, my family tech support calls are due to some piece of crap software that has been pre-installed and never used, but starts up on boot (have you ever seen the systray of a new computer...holy smokes).

well, via stan spotts, i have now read about the .  from their site:

Your brand spanking new PC boots up only to greet you with a plethora of pop up advertisements pestering you to pay for anti-virus software or sign up for a music service. Your desktop is littered with website links for 'special offers.' The system tray is already full of programs that continuously use your internet connection to make sure that you're 'up to date.' ... The PC Decrapifier will detect the 'crap' on your system, you choose what to uninstall, then sit back and let the PC Decrapifier work its magic.

bravo pc-decrapfier, bravo.

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