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i've loaded up bootcamp v1.2 on my mac and loaded vista on a second partition.  the process was painless really and i haven't seen any performance lag.  i decided against parallels and coherence mode, etc. as i was reading an article (in macworld) that showed the bootcamp option being the best performing option.

anyhow, my mac is "mac-fu" and my vista partition machine name is "mac-fu-vista."  when i went into do some sharing on the mac side, i noticed that my machine name was correct:

but when i enabled windows sharing, it said that items could be referenced using:

interesting...i'll have to tinker around a bit to see why that is seeing that.  incidentally, if you are looking for a simple tool to help you manage/create shares for osx, check out sharepoints...very simple user interface and does all the lifting for you.

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