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i've been monitoring for a while now and if you aren't aware of it, it's essentially (well not really, it is) curt schilling's blog.  if you have no idea who he is, that's okay...you're likely a geek...and that is fine.

but curt's blog is bringing blogging to the mainstream.  go ahead and argue that scoble did that, or that news agencies did that, but i'll disagree.  curt is appealing to the sports fan...not the techno dweeb like you and me, but to the everyday joe.

for a minute, take a look at the number of comments he gets per post...unreal -- averages about 100, sometimes thousands...people are reading his blog.  people are commenting on his blog that they no longer read sports columns...they just go to his site.  i'm willing to bet it definitely isn't geeks reading his blog -- sports fans are loyal (nascar fans are the most loyal), so i'm sure it is fans (and haters) that are reading/responding...very cool.

curt is revolutionizing the way sports fans get information.  sure, you can listen to sportscenter, but if you want to hear how the pitching went down on a red sox game, go to curt's blog to get the dugout feel.

and he's apparently doing stuff for charity with his pitching and using the blog to communicate his donations to ALS...good idea.

if you take a look around the site you'll see that he invested in 38studios as well...a company building interactive games -- a baseball pitcher involved in creating an agency...wow.

oh, and with all the traffic am i the only one who is amazed there is no adsense there? 

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