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an insult to mankind is happening in my area.  no seriously, it is.  a radio station i listen to announced a concert happening soon in the summer...and they are calling it Festivus for the rest of us.  i think i nearly caused an accident on the 101 when i heard this...my car swerved and explicatives were flying all over the place.

that's right...festivus in mid-summer.  clearly the peak (98.7) couldn't be doing such an injustice to ?  (note: for those in phoenix and know my musical taste, i listen to 98.7 because it is the least suckiest for me on my 1.5 hr commute sometimes...oh, and the fact i have no ipod/zune adapter in my car -- so step off the jokes about listening to k-lite -- they play some hard core hits of the 70's, 80's and today ;-)).

i, for one, cannot sit idly by and watch this happen...i must do something about it, and so should you.  after all, everyone knows that festivus is actually december 23.  the national festivus conservators (NFC) are angered by this blatant disregard of the holiday.  where are the airing of grievances?  the pole?  c'mon peak, don't be so lame.  each year i hold a festivus party (okay, not on the 23rd exactly, but at least i'm honoring the time within the ballpark of a few friggin days) for friends, neighbors and family.  it's a blast.  yes, there is a pole.

so, if you feel so offended as i, let them know...preserve festivus and vote at preservefestivus.com!  let us be heard people!  let the pointy-hairs at the peak know that we will not stand for such an abomination of the holiday!  send this to everyone you know!!!

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