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if it looks like a red bull can, would you assume it is an equivalent energy drink?  i did.  damn marketers. :-)

here's what i'm talking about:


red bull is obviously the first can.  while in costco the other day i saw this 'bloom energy' drink.  i fell for it.  looked like an energy drink can (silver/skinny), and wild berry sounded intriguing (more than taurine energy drink flavor).  i didn't bother looking at the ingredients and figured i'd give this energy drink a try.

guess what.  carbonated grape juice (with white tea extract which is the source of caffeine).  yeah, not what i expected.  tasty, but not energy-y.  i was fooled by clever marketing.  i saw another one the other day -- the flavor was "blood orange" -- i don't care what you say, anything that says blood orange, i'm buying.

oh the heineken one?  saw that on a billboard driving downtown one day.  same thing: skinny, silver can.  but it's beer.  i wonder if it sells better.

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