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i got a question from robertk just a while ago asking where the presence info was when viewing sharepoint with firefox.

what?! you can view sharepoint with firefox?! calm down, yes you can.

basically the presence indicator is shown using a javascript function in ows.js (IMNRC) and is only rendered for the appropriate browsers (look at owsbrows.js)..basically those that are browseris.ie55up. -- so essentially wss thinks that firefox is netscape 5 because of the mozilla version it checks for. 

ideally the owsbrows.js should be written to check for functionality rather than versions -- maybe render the browseris from the server based on using the .net framework libraries that would be able to determine the “abilities” better.

so if you want it to work, you'll have to jack with ows.js and some other areas as well -- i started looking real quick, but there are other places where it doesn't work and renders the non_ie.js file as well which causes other issues.

wait a minute, get back to getting firefox and sharepoint working...

okay, so it works...most of it.  do you get the cool dhtml menu options? no.  but it renders and you can modify web parts, etc...just different look...try it and you'll see the changes: some here: http://timheuer.com/images/wssffx1.jpg

so basically it works...the cool thing is that if you use the firefox web developer toolbar add-in, you can “turn on“ css tags and see all those hidden wss class names you want to change...without installing a javascript file or referring to the style guide.


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