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after looking at build automation tools like BuildIt.NET and others and looking at the tasks of configuring, etc. as well as the rigidness of what they were build *for*, i began searching elsewhere.

i was referred to finalbuilder (www.finalbuilder.com)

i've been playing around with it for a while and really like it.  it integrates with almost all major source control providers as well as common .net “stuff” (like vs.net and reversioning the assemblyinfo file).

it is really full-featured and i've created automated scripts that get the latest from source control, reversion based on certain variables (timestamps and input params--but this could also be script-based), reversions the assemblyinfo classes for a solution (or individual projects), compiles in a configurable build, copies the new build to a version folder, labels the source control build, uploads the completed (successful) build to a server and notifies someone of completion.

really cool stuff and super easy to setup and configure.

if you are looking for build automation, check out www.finalbuilder.com

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