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well, it's been a busy week (last week).  i started at microsoft in my new role.  i can say that i honestly underestimated the flood of resources and information that i would need (and want) to absorb.  this had an impact on finishing up the stuff i needed to finish in other aspects of my life.

as with any job, the first week is somewhat of logistics and hr “stuff” -- the cool thing about ms is that a lot of it is automated and online.  very little need to sign/fax/print, etc. -- the resources available at the company are amazing...truly amazing.

i met a lot of people and learned some quick things/issues/etc.  i'm looking forward to the challenges and successes.

i can say that i was surprised at how much information is available to everyone within the company...that is great -- the company is opening it's kimono (within reason) to all employees.

keep looking for more details as i progress

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