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I arrived at TechEd one day early – coming from the west coast this was necessary or I would have missed the first day! (In case you didn’t know, TechEd is in Orlando, FL this year).

My flight sucked.  Not because of the airline, but because the fact that someone sitting around me smelled pretty bad – normally I don’t care…but multiply “normally” by 5 hours.  We also flew into a lightening/thunderstorm in Orlando, so were placed in what seemed to be a figure 8 holding pattern for an additional 40 minutes.

I finally got there and met up with some team members and we went to the hotel.  We are staying at the Ritz Carlton.  Yeah, I know, woe is me.  In all seriousness…I don’t like these types of places.  When we arrived…there was a bellmen about 300 yards even before the bellmen.  Then about an army of 8 blue-jacketed guys trying to take our carry-on bags were there to greet us as well.  This was followed by a gentlemen opening the first door, a different gentlemen opening a second door, and then a concierge to greet us there.  Then after check-in the concierge escorted me to the elevator (which was around the corner) to show me where my room was.  WAY TOO MUCH!  Now before you get the “Microsoft has too much money to spend” – we are staying at the Ritz after a smokin’ deal was arranged.  Truth be told, I’d rather be closer to the convention center.

At any rate, the first day was an INETA event as well as a MS Regional Director event.  I had some invited guests at both of these.  Apparently both were great events and a lot of insight was gained at each.

Afterwards I spent some time with PeteM and Michael Palermo to hear about their days and chat about ways we can better excite the developer community.  It is good to hang out with solid leaders and share ideas…part of this job I really like.

Off to bed…for tomorrow.

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