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i get a few emails about some asking what other web parts i may have...here's what i'm working on:

  • “document library explorer“ aka “doclib explorer“: this is going to be a windows explorer like view for all document libraries (security integrated) within a site.  at first pass it will support wss only and not sharepoint root sites (maybe).  some functionality will include showing the pending/rejected documents for those who have permissions, as well as showing which ones are checked out
  • “pop3 explorer“: this is a simple utility tool...not meant to be a pop3 client at all.  i've been working on this one for a while to throw some ideas around and decided the best core functionality will simply display the “inbox“ headers, not message retrieval...sharepoint and webparts (imo) aren't meant for client replacements.  so at a minimum, you can drop this on your site (or mysite) and set up your profile, and have a view of your pop3 mailbox inbox.

both of these should be done by year end, with pop3 explorer coming first (almost done with that one)

any ideas on other ones (generic of course for everyone to use) are appreciated...if you have a custom need, let'$ talk ;-)

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