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as some of you may recall...i had a web part which was the first navigational web part developed by a third party.  since then several others have come out with varying results and features.  i was quite disappointed that i couldn't distribute my enhanced navigational component, but for various reasons i simply couldn't.  i've had a version that has been “laying in wait” since september of last year (see screenshot below).  i also have been holding onto (and already talked about it) a document library explorer...just been procrastonating in releasing!

one thing that most have neglected in the navigational components have been security and being able to render a complete tree both up and down (as well as integration with portal and/or wss in one common web part).

what i'm curious about is if people are interested?  there seem to be a lot out there now (or maybe not a lot, but enought that do the same thing).  i hate to seem like i'm following the crowd because now i'd be able to distribute an enhanced version of what i'd already created as the first component/web part.  even today, there was an SPTrees (see below) sample released on gotdotnet.com.

anyhow, feel free to chime in.

recent gotdotnet downloads for sharepoint (some are re-hashes of samples in the SDK):

Asynchronous Web Part
Custom ToolPane Web Part
Simple Web Part

screenshot of workspace navigation (you might have known it as workspace explorer):

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