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so i’m waiting in a customer lobby (which happens to actually be the human resources department) and waiting for my appointment — i’m way early — one of those “haven’t been there, not sure how long it will take to drive from the sticks where i live to civilization” situations.

there was a guy here waiting in the lobby as well, then suddenly gets up and starts working behind the desk with the receptionist.  he’s an older guy…i have no idea what he’s doing, but it sounds like the receptionist just gave him some menial tasks to do…then i heard this:

receptionist: “so i hear you’re an author or something”

guy: “well, yeah kinda…i’m actually pretty famous in what i do”

receptionist: “really?”

guy: “yeah, i’m famous for collecting fountain pens.”

my ears now are more finely tuned in…after all, how often do you hear about someone famous for fountain pens?

guy (without pause, not giving the receptionist any chance to back out now): “it’s actually quite interesting, this history of the pall boint pen when you think about it.”

at this point, i’m wondering if the guy can hear me laughing…

guy: “there’s been a lot of amazing technology and design put in to ball point pens and fount…”

rrrring…in true “saved by the bell” fashion, the reception was let off the hook

lucky for me, i was able to get into a meeting, but i can’t imagine the how the conversation progressed…i can only imagine, the receptionist will never look at her bic pen the same any more…

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