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“…on the road to PDC…” — seems like a common posting these days.  well, i shall be no different.

i’m actually going to PDC earlier to meet with my team prior and get some things hashed out with our goals for the year.

i’m really excited about this year’s PDC.  a lot of local community champions are going to be there and even two of them are exhibiting: Axosoft (Hamid Shojaee) and myKB.com (Scott Cate).  it will be really cool to see these guys exhibiting at PDC — it’s a large cost i know, but i think they’ll get gret value, exposure, etc. out of it.

i’ll be starting out tomorrow attending the regional director side meeting, with our local rd, michael Palermo.  then the community gang should be rolling in town and we’ll get going!

tuesday’s keynote sounds promising, with all different aspects of the dev teams being represnted…which should be interesting to see!

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