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UPDATE: 1:20 PM PDT – Power goes out in the entire valley area.  PDC03 was fires, this year it is a power outage!

today is my first official day at PDC, however, there really isn’t anything “official” going on today unless you are in some of the pre-conference stuff.

who says you can’t have enough eggs:


here’s the main expo hall with the community lounge:

community lounge

i’m meeting with the regional director team — which are community experts from across the world.  there are 68 RD’s represented from 26 different countries…that’s pretty cool.  the RD team are the ones helping out with the PDC Underground event (anyone/everyone is welcome) for the “Grok Talks Live!” concept.

this side meeting is an opportunity for the RD group to get information (mostly NDA until the weeks end) about what is going on with microsoft.  they are hearing about all sorts of things that we can’t write/talk about of course, but in a week, most will be made public.

the RD team is great and made up of a bunch of great people…a lot are here from my region: scott golightly, michael Palermo, richard Hundhausen, joel shirey, tim huckaby, etc.

led by kevin schuler:

kevin schuler

the RD team continues to impress me and serve our community well.  we are having a dinner this evening with them and we’ll get a chance to talk more about how we can effectively work together to reach out to our development communities.

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