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with all the different options available for source control, i began looking at some of the more public available libraries.  i've used sourceoffsite and vault and liked them both...but the problem is that the price is a barrier for entry for a small business (yes i know the single user license is free but that doesn't help a team).

so i looked at a few blogs [can't remember them now will update later] and came across the SCCBridge project and started taking a look.  this provider implements a web service and can utilize your existing ms-vss repository...allowing local users to keep doing what they are doing as well as enabling remote users such as subcontractors, etc.

i encourage you to take a look.  because the setup was a bit dispersed, i've included a step-by-step of what i did to get it working and have included all required download links for you to make sure you have everything.  check out my step-by-step process for the SCCBridge setup.

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