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Seattle Code Camp
v1.0 – October 22 & 23, 2005

Code Camp is coming to Seattle!
This is your invitation to attend the premier developer event in the Seattle metro area – Code Camp.
Code Camp is a weekend of software developers talking to software developers about software development. No marketing, no fluff – just code. It’s the weekend of October 22nd and 23rd at DeVry University in Federal Way. It is a mini-conference and is totally FREE.

It's About the Developer Community
Code Camp is a community-run activity organized by local developers, user groups, and development-related organizations. Presenters are all volunteers from the developer community, sharing their own unique knowledge and experience with their peers.

The Whole Community
Code Camp is the only event that is inclusive of the entire developer community. You are encouraged to attend regardless of your technological orientation or level of experience. From hobbyist to enterprise development, from Java to .NET to OSS, this is the event for you.

Nothing but the Community
Take a typical conference (like JavaOne, TechEd, OSCON, etc.) and remove the stuff that developers don't care about, such as corporate sponsorship, booths, product pitches, and other means of advertising. Then take away the cost! What you're left with is the content and the developers, and that's what Code Camp is all about. No fluff, just code.

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