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the download of feedreader has been updated to be section 508 compliant with regard to images (thanks to EdwardB for noting that), so this should aide in using in government environments requiring that compliance.

additionally, since the technet bulletin feedreader has been downloaded quite a bit.  the proxy server issue is still paining us.  we've made some minor updates to some passing of authentication credentials and encourage those to uninstall/download/reinstall and see if that helps.  anyone with ideas of making proxy server (especially user-authenticating ones) better, please feel free to send us suggestions.  from a technical standpoint, the server is actually making the rss feed request, so our challenge is passing credentials from the client to the server, then from the server, passing those same credentials to the proxy.  this is a challenge because of double-hop situations with credentials.

also, the readme has been updated for the feedreader recommended installation which can also be found http://timheuer.com/blog/articles/389.aspx.

thanks to technet for recommending it!  feedreader recently won accolades as first prize taken in the FTPOnline web part contest: http://www.ftponline.com/portals/microsoft/webpart/

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